How to apply

Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher are two separate programs that are administered at our 204 Bluff City Hwy. Office.

Housing Choice Voucher is a program where applicants find apartments or houses owned by private landlords willing to rent under the program. A portion of your rent will be paid by the Housing Authority based on current federal regulations. All rents are based on 30% of your annual gross income less applicable deductions.

Your name will be placed on the waiting list based on the date and time of application. Once your application nears the top of the waiting list, you will be contacted by a staff member.

All applicants must successfully complete the screening process (criminal background check, landlord, credit report, etc.) in order to be placed in a PHA or Housing Choice Voucher unit.

Applications CANNOT be completed on a phone

CLICK HERE to apply for Public Housing and / or Housing Choice.

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